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Easy way to debug SQL queries in WordPress plugins

This is a very easy way to debug SQL queries in your WordPress plugins. It helps with special MySQL helpers that WP provides where you don't construct the query before sending it but $wpdb build the query internally, opaque to you.

// Hijack the query filter and preview the query
add_filter('query', function($Query){
     return $Query;

This filter allows you to print or log the query so you can easily review it.

WordPress Wider Admin Menu Standalone Plugin

I can't use WordPress without this plugin. I have displays wide enough to make the WordPress side menu unacceptably narrow. So I decided to fix the situation and you can too. To install the plugin just save it to a php file in your /wp-content/mu-plugins folder like /wp-content/mu-plugins/wider-admin-menu.php. The /wp-content/mu-plugins/*.php files are picked up by default so they don't need activation. That's the Must-Use Plugins folder so the contents are auto-activated. If the folder does not exist (not there by default), create it.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I'd like to really restart blogging. But... what should I blog about? I used to blog about blackhat SEO back in the day. Had 500-1000 daily unique readers... Not that great but it was OK.

I'm a backender, straight! My area of expertise ranges from Windows Native Reusable C++ to general PHP Programming, SEO, Automation, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress Plugins... and much more. Psychology, manipulation... even if I hate performing them, I know a bit about them. These are the meaty subjects. And many smaller ones like some SQL, communication protocols, JS, etc..

Protecting your Link Networks from Competitor Rats

It's not Google who we need to fear now. It's the competition! In the past years more and more lesser individuals have joined the SEO industry and they have the web police mentality. They feel compelled to do the job of corporation like Google for free, sometimes because you're probably competing with them, other times... just because they feel like righting wrongs. So we managed to get the industry full of unskilled rats that have a full time job of outing others techniques and SEO magic. Haters gonna hate! I never ever reported anyone as it's immoral, nor do I intend to [I make others do it for me ;)]. There's other ways to deal with such situations. But there's no code of honor anymore. Anyways, I sometimes like to use such people to my benefit. I will detail such uses in a different post but right now, we need to figure out how to keep our sites and link networks out of these lamers' paths.

I’m back: Big as Bad, Twice as Ugly!

I didn't want to delete the first post so I decided to make it an intro. I'm starting over, 5 years after my last blogging experience. A lot of time has gone by and a lot of code and software utilities has been written by yours truly in the process. I plan to share some, sell some and never publish some :)

I'll blog about web development, monetization and coding. Just to keep it short and not spill an endless amount of more/less useful acronyms, these two very broad topics will cover it.